Friday, July 8, 2016

Summer Means Art Fairs and Glassy Adventures

Happy summer glass Peeps!  Haven't posted much this year so I thought I would get everyone up to speed about things.  After having a fun meeting in May making garden stakes and a nice meeting in June having high tea, we are taking a break in July to enjoy the summer weather.  July still has many opportunities for glass including the 2016 Gathering of the ISGB in New Orleans and The Michigan Glass Project at the Russell Industrial Center in Detroit.  Both are the weekend of July 24th so pick your pleasure.  Many of our glass brothers and sisters are also on the art fair trail this summer so look for them at the Wyandotte Art Fair and the Ann Arbor art fair.  Many others cities have fairs so if you are participating make sure that your info gets into our newletter.

Our next meeting will be our Picnic on August 7th.  We will have our garage sale and general socializing at Cyndy's.

Big discussion going on with the ISGB.  There is a proposal to change the name and everyone is talking about the state of art glass beads and how to sustain this art group.  Let's talk about this more when we meet in August.  How do we preserve our art while being welcoming to new artists?  What can we do as a guild to help?

Your in glass.