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Spring Bead Bonanza 2021
  • TBD
         Finnish Cultural Center
         35200 Eight Mile Rd.
         Farmington Hill 48355

          Call to Entry

Fall Bead Bonanza  2021 - TBD

Winter Wonders 2021
  • TBD
    Birmingham Unitarian Church
    38651 Woodward Ave
    Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304
    Corner of Woodward and Lone Pine
    Call to Entry

These are the shows in which Glassact regularly participates:  
  • Spring Bead Bonanza - Sponsored by the Great Lakes Beadworkers Guild, held in mid-March at the Southfield Civic Center, our guild has several tables at this show.
  • Fall Bead Bonanza - Sponsored by the Great Lakes Beadworkers Guild, held in mid-October at the Southfield Civic Center, our guild has several tables at this show.
  • Winter Wonders - This is a show for our guild members only, individual members have tables with both beads and finished work, held the first Saturday in November at the Birmingham Unitarian Church. 
In addition to these regular there are other irregular opportunities to sell members' beads.


So you're going to work a shift at the GlassAct booth at a bead show.
Great!  Now what?  This document will help answer some of your questions and make it a more fun experience.

If you are submitting beads to sell, remember these guidelines. 

  • You need to have your own trays (black) and inserts (white). Make sure your name is on the tray and the insert.  It is also helpful if you have a zippered tray case for transporting your trays.  Make sure your name is on the case too.  The show chairperson is allowed to set a limit for number of trays.  If you have lots of single beads to sell, you can buy inserts with more cells.  
  • Put only one bead or set in each cell.  
  • Help the show chairperson by getting your beads to them when required.  
The day of the show these tips help a lot. 
  • Please show up a few minutes early to start your shift.  Check in with the show chair person.  Take a few minutes to look at all the beads.  Remember, you are selling beads for ALL guild members, not just your own.  If a customer is looking for a purple bead with yellow and orange dots, it is good to know if there are any for sale!
  • During your shift, don't just stand by your own beads.  Once again, you are selling beads for ALL guild members, not just your own.  Pay attention to the customers and explain to them that this is a guild, with beads by many different artists so there are many styles and types of beads.  We get many repeat customers but there are always people who don't know our story.  It is a great story and people like having lots of choices.  
  • We have small plates for customers to use when they are selecting several beads.  Offer these and help them by finding out if they are looking for anything specific.  Often people put together beads from several different artists for a specific project.  This is where your familiarity with all the artists is very helpful.
  • Sadly, we also need to keep a sharp eye out for theft.  We occasionally lose some beads to sticky fingers, and a watchful selling team is our best defense.  It is usually not a big problem, but it is better to be safe than sorry. 
  • Grab a receipt book.  We use receipt books with a non-carbon copy for each receipt.  You will need to put the date of the sale and your initials in the top section.  Make sure the book has the guild information stamped on the yellow page (customer copy).  The white copy is kept by the guild.  
  • Record the bead code and price for each bead or set.   Make sure this is legible, because this is how you and the other artists get paid.  Wrap the beads in tissue paper and put them in a plastic bag with the show insert.
  • Some customers have a tax id that exempts them from paying sales tax.  We need to see a copy of their tax id, and record the tax id on the receipt.
Once a customer is ready to pay, ask the customer how they will be, check or credit card. 
  • If cash, ask the customer if they want to be on our mailing list for future shows.  If yes, get their name and address.  If not, take the receipt book to the treasurer or show chair, who will total the sale and add tax.  Get the money from the customer and get change, if needed.  Give the customer their change, their copy of the receipt and their beads.  Leave the receipt in the receipt book.
  • If check, have the treasurer or show chair total and add tax.  Have the customer make the check out to GlassAct.  Put the check # on the receipt.  Look at the check and make sure it has an address and phone number.  Check the customer's id and make sure the address and phone number are current.  Give the customer their copy of the receipt  and their beads.  Give the treasurer the receipt and the check.
  • If paying by credit card, have the customer fill out their name, address  (including zip code) and phone number on the receipt. Have the show chair or treasurer run the transaction through the guild's Square account.  Have the customer sign the phone/device and indicated whether they would like an email or text receipt. Give them their credit card, their copy of the sales receipt and their beads.  Give the treasurer the white copy of the receipt. 
If you are available to help at the end of the day, you can help by taking down booth and taking your beads home with you. 

Of course, this just scratches the surface of what can happen at a bead show.  Remember, this is a great opportunity for our guild and for you!  Have fun, talk to the customers and take care to accurately fill out those receipts!  Your treasurer will appreciate it.

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